one warning and one healed?!?

New to the forum, can anyone help?

I’ve got a 5N which is working fine and is mainy used for archiving so drives are not constantly working. I’ve got 3 x 4TB and 2 x 6TB drives and am looking at replacing one if not 2 of the 4TB drives for 8TB drives, thoguh finances are a bit tight at the moment…

The problem I have is that the top drive (bay 0, 4TB) is solid green but showing up as Warning with no real information. I’ve also got (bay 1, 4TB), also solid green but showing up as Healed.

Firstly, should I be worried? I only have a single drive protection.

Secondly, as I kind of know what most of you will say… Which of the 2 drives should I replace first? I’ve heard horror stories of people replacing a drive when one is struggling only to find an uderlying problem with another drive and then having a complete failure as the array is being rebuilt…

If I do replace both, then in what oder of importance?

I’ve only got 2.5TB of space left so i’ll need to look at this soon if only as a space issue…

Any feedback appreciated.

hi keva,

there is a bit of variance on the boards if you search for healed and warning, and i believe healed means there was some kind of an issue but that it was fixed, and that warning is when a drive keeps getting more fixed issues though im not 100% sure…

…can i check if you are in support? if so, then i think it would be good to raise a ticket for the support team as they may be able to advice you best, probably also via some diagnostic logs from your drobo if needed.

(if you are not currently in support, and bearing in mind what you mentioned about finances, then it may actually be more worth it spending that money on some more bare drives (to do a backup in the safest instance), though it looks like you have almost 14TB of unique data?

Did you manage to resolve this problem? [/u]

I have the same scenario: 1x Healed and 1x Warning.

The “Healed” explanation is fine – failed and fixed.

“Warning” – I am seeing as about to, or could fail soon. That may be wrong.

Here are my questions:

How to proceed?

For “Warning” disk:
Is it likely to fail soon?
Should I replace the drive?
Maybe just have one on hand, JIC?

For “Healed” disk:
Have bad sectors been repaired or marked to avoid, reducing max capacity?
Is it more likely to fail in the future?
Should I replace the drive?

hi a3gill,
if some sectors were marked as bad, its possible that there are enough spare sectors to cater for it, and even if a few more happened to go bad, it wouldnt probably affect max capacity by that much. (its possible that once all the spare sectors are used, it would mark as failed but i do not know for sure as there seem to be multiple aspects that the drobo looks at). if you do happen to be able to get a spare one on hand, for the future, i think that is a good idea to do that.

on the other hand, if you are already seeing one healed, and 1 warning, then it might be good to swap out and replace the warning drive (if our understandings of the 2 terms are correct), so that you can carry out any necessary rebuilds with the remaining drives before any more get a warning state, if you see what i mean?

also, if you happen to be in support, it is probably good to raise a ticket as they may be able to better advice you on each specific drives status.