One green light is dim

I have a Drobo FS that I bought in June 2014. I have drives in 7 of the 8 bays. One of those 7 bays has a “dim” green light. Why? Is this serious? What can I do to restore it?

hi fr8r,
do you know if it is only looking a but dim when viewed at a certain angle?
if so, it might not be so serious, and just might have moved out of alignment slightly. (possibly due to being in transit at some point or just a slightly loose fitting that moved a bit with all the drive access and vibration?)

it might be possible to fix it yourself (but unless you want to buy a compatible led and affix it or soldier it to your model, it might not be worth it, especially if its only a bit dim, by comparison to the others, though if still actually working).

what happens if you use dashboard to adjust the brightness of the leds, does full, low and back to what you have again, seem to get it to work any differently?

also, what happens if you try the “blink lights” feature on dashboard - does that led still cycle through the lights and patterns as the others?

Thanks for responding Paul!

It’s dim when looking at it head on, whether close up or further back, it’s still dim. I checked all of the lights by doing a blink and that single light was dim during red also. While I “have” changed the brightness settings to dim all lights “before,” I can’t find it in dashboard to do it this time.

I recently cleaned the casing because it was dusty, so I lifted it out of a shelf so I could remove the front grill and dust.

ah i think its in tools here:

it’s possible that moving it and putting it back or dusting maybe affected it, especially if the same dim effect is seen when there is no front grill cover?
(if it shows up normally without the cover, then it might just be the cover near that particulr led)

on one hand if you were still in warranty and really wanted it fixed, cotacting support could be an option. im not aware of a dim light suddenly leading to something major, so either way if it is only the 1 led which is a bit dim, another option would just be to leave it as it is. (which would probably be safer than de-soldering or trying to plug another led in, as well as minimising downtimes etc)