One computer's dashboard not seeing 5N2, another fine


I have a Drobo 5N2 with both of its ethernet ports connected to a gigabit switch which is connected to a gigabit router. Connected to that router’s only other ethernet port is a desktop computer.

The Drobo Dashboard on that computer seems occasionally to lose the ability to see the Drobo 5N2. Occasionally, I just notice that those drives aren’t available, and the Drobo Dashboard will not see the Drobo. Other times, when I notice something amiss, I check that Drobo Dashboard, and it shows the relevant shares “connecting…” when they should be constantly connected.

Sometimes, the way I notice it is that I try to watch something via the Plex server running on that desktop computer–for which all the libraries are sitting on one of the Drobo’s shared directories, and, on hitting play, Plex tells me that the file is missing. When I then check on that computer, the Dashboard might be in either of those states: Can’t see the Drobo or the directory is “connecting.”

Today, I noticed something else. From a laptop connected to that router’s wifi, the Drobo Dashboard can see the 5N2, and status seems good; those same directories are showing connected and I can access files in them.

But, when I walk over to the desktop computer directly connected to the router and look at the Dashboard there, and its Drobo Dashboard can’t find any Drobos. And it reports that it’s been trying for 5 minutes and can’t find any. I’ve even exited/quit the Dashboard application on that computer and restarted the Dashboard application. Still true.

Before 2 weeks ago, I had a router with 4 ethernet ports, and both of the Drobo’s ethernet ports were connected to that router, with that same desktop computer connected to another of that router’s ethernet ports.

  1. The random loss of connectivity to the Drobo 5N2 from the desktop computer predates the new router. I’d often randomly come across errors from the Plex server indicating that the media files were missing, and I’d find that the Drobo needed somehow to be reconnected via the Dashboard or something.

  2. Hm, now, about 20 minutes after I noticed that difference, the laptop Dashboard also just switched to “Looking for connected Drobos.”

What’s going on?

I found https://myproducts.drobo.com/retrieve/s3/knowledge/AA/AA-01820.html

…which says to reboot the Drobo, but

  1. Should I do that if other Dashboards can see it? Seems like that the Drobo shouldn’t be the problem if one computer can play files but another computer (the more directly connected one?) can’t.

  2. If the Drobo is losing connectivity occasionally (let’s say, 4 times per week), could something in the Drobo be going bad? I did buy it in October 2017.

It’s out of warranty, of course.

What would be the best thing to do? And what should I watch for?