Old 4 Bay Drobo Questions

A question for folks, I have an older Drobo (a second generation, 4 bay). It works great. I’m wondering how long it will be supported and whether or not I should upgrade? Any insights appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have an old Gen2 as well as a 5N and 5N2. I’m not sure the Gen2 is supported at all right now as it’s last firmware update was 8 years ago. Like anything electronic though the Gen2 will eventually fail, so having another copy of your files would be prudent. Currently my Gen2 is at my office as the “offsite” copy of my files.

Hey there, Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. I think your suggestions are spot on. Most of my storage is in the cloud these days. However, that strategy fall flat when I think about having huge amounts of experimental junk captured for forever with little intention to ever keep it. We’re all referencing our storage strategies as the technology changes,