OK to use CrashPlan on Drobo?

The CrashPlan install button on the Drobo Dashboard does not work, and apparently requires manual install of itself and other things. Further, on Crashplans web site they say that “Installaing Crashplan directly on a NAS device is unsupported”.

What’s the story?

Well, unsupported is not the same as forbidden. Many people in these forums use the Crashplan app on their Drobos. The only thing is that when it breaks you can’t go ask Code42 for help.

Thanks. That’s what I was looking for (pity the install button in the Drobo Dashboard doesn’t work, though).

Yeah, the support for complex DroboApps is still pretty rudimentary. You have to install the Java DroboApp and the locale DroboApp for the Crashplan app to work.

Their first step ought to be to edit their web page, and remove non-functional install buttons on Apps page in Dashboard.