Ok to reboot host while B800i is processing?

I am in the midst of “re-striping” our B800i to Dual-Disk Redundancy.

Meanwhile, someone tried to copy files to one of the shares, and both shares dropped. The only way I can bring back the shares is to reboot the host computer.

Is it safe for me to reboot the computer while the B800i is doing this?

Has anyone ever tried this?


hi, in theory, it might be ok, but im not sure about those models.

if you had any startup programs that run when the host is booted up, such as a scheduled antivirus scan or content indexing etc etc, then that might cause a conflict (probably more delay) but unless youre in a rush to do so its probably best to wait a bit more to see what others think.

for you to enable DDR, probably means that have more free space then a full drobo, so if your elapsed time is 1-2 days, and if you didnt have much more data, then you could estimate at 1day per tb, to see how much time it might still need. (if not needing much more time then maybe you could let it finish - i say this because sometimes a drobo will not be available, while it churns away to protect, and if so the reboot might not necessarily bring it back right away)

Thanks, Paul.

I decided to reboot the host yesterday, with no ill effects. And the shares came back!

I then got a little more bold and decided to power down the host and re-cable direct from the Mac to the B800i, bypassing the hub. Again no ill effects.

DDR is still churning away, estimating another 66 hours when I left this afternoon. So it has been going 6.5 days and has just a little less than 3 days to go. And we have 11 Tb on this Drobo. So your rule of thumb is very close!


ok cool that your shares are back again, :slight_smile:

its ok to do bold things from time to time - just be careful not to go bold too often, as once you pull out all of your hair, you might become bald :smiley: