OK, Seriously Drobo Team ... Let's get with it!

I have had nothing but issues since the last few firmware upgrades. Mostly disconnects that wouldn’t let me copy more than a dozen pictures without loosing connections. Sometimes, the Drobo could not be found right from the start. This has been going on for almost 2 months.

Now 2 days ago, I upgraded to 1.3.5 and immediately after the upgrade, my Dashboard was unavailable. But it didn’t stop me from accessing neither of my 2 drobos connected via a droboshare.

Last night I went to bed leaving an export from Lightroom running to one of the folders, this usually takes 90 minutes or so.

I woke up this morning to “NO Files” at all on my main drobo.

What’s stored on my main drobo you ask?

  • The last 10 Weddings that I shot. With files needed to design wedding albums, make their DVD and slideshows.
  • All of my customer files including contracts, invoices and questionaires.
  • All fo my scanned business receipts since 2008.
  • All of my business forms and templates.
  • All of the pictures from my daughter since her birth.

There’s more, but this is the most important.

I had to leave for a photoshoot this morning and I was sick to my stomach thinking that I lost 10 weddings. 4 hours later, I was able to connect the unit to my laptop to retreive the current wedding that had to be posted for this evening.

I am reading this board and it’s full of issues. Does this company take our data seriously?
I have not yet seen one post from the Head of the Development Team explaining issues and a roadmap of fixes.

With all the latest releases, one after another, I feel that no one knows exactly what the issues are, the releases are not tested thoroughly and we are given beta if not alpha software to run in our production environments.

Now I am stuck with a non working drobo and a greyed out dashboard in my icon tray.

So please Drobo, put a team in place that has the knowledge to fix issues for PC/MAC. Have someone that can address the crowd and give updates so that you can regain the confidence that you once had.


I too have been having an awful time since “upgrading” to 1.3.5, i’ve documented the techy stuff in this thread:

If anybody knows or has the previous 1.3.4 firmware that would be great.

It’s a shame that Data Robotics correctly advise to backup your data before upgrading but i wish they took there on advise and easily allowed user to rollback to previous firmware if you having problems. Doubly annoying is that fact i was hoping to recommend a few of these units for work, now i just don’t feel at all confident.

and isn’t is strange that the 1.3.5 Firmware download is NOT on the Support site anymore??? At least not of about 2 minutes ago…

What do you mean not on the support site? The release notes are there but there’s never been a dl link on that page http://www.drobo.com/support/updates.php
it’s only available via automate update.

Oh, sorry, I thought it was there… my mistake… I figured that if we get the alert, the file is there. I should have checked first.