Offsite Drobo

Who is using a Drobo as a permanent offsite backup device (i.e. NOT taking a Drobo back and forth to an offsite)?

If so, what is your system? Software? Hardware?

My interest is in having one Drobo at home and another offsite (to protect against fire/flood/theft). Mac based computer.

I am imagining a hardware device for turning the Drobo into a network ready drive


then software to let the Mac see the drive (e.g. ExpanDrive), then using SuperDuper to handle the heavy lifting.

Any other ideas?

Many, many thanks in advance.


Bump … thanks!

The only thing i can think of is to take your drobo to the offsite storage one and do a carbon copy clone or Superduper to clone the drive across. Trying to clone large amounts of data across ftp etc will be very slow