Offsite clone backup of Drobo 5N

So, I’m much more familiar with Synology products but a client has a Drobo.and has some specific hopes for how to use it. The big one is that he wants an offsite or cloud backup of the device. I told him that I wasn’t familiar with Drobo, but that I assumed it would have the ability to backup to an offsite unit like you can with Synology. But I’m not seeing that capability. Am I missing something? Can someone point me to a potential solution? The goal is, if the building burns down, to be back up and running with all data as soon as possible.

A cloud backup doesn’t really accomplish that, because hundreds of gigs of data would have to be copied back to a new device, and secondly, that new device would have to be purchased urgently. So my thought was that if we could buy the backup device ahead of time, store it offsite and have the data sync to it automatically, it really does that job. Any ideas? Thanks!

Unfortunately there is no drobo-to-drobo offsite backup. I wish there was.

Surprising! So, any ideas for a solution that gets close to what my client needs? Or is this just a situation where I might just suggest switching over to Synology?

Wait, what about Drobo Sync? Just stumbled on that. Would that no do what I’m describing? Thanks!

My understanding is Drobo Sync only works within the same network, not across the internet.