Official Hyper-V support in the future?

Any word on if the DroboElite will ever get hyper-V support?

Drobo storage devices have not been certified for Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization software. However, we do have customers who have been successful in using our products in this environment. One area that we know is not compatible is clustering, due to the lack SCSI-3 persistent reservations support. Please note that our ability to support this environment is limited and we have not thoroughly tested our products with Hyper-V.



Jennifer has pretty much covered it. However I can tell you from a product management perspective that we have this item very high on our priority list.


Brad Meyer

Any update w/ the SCSI-3 PR support? Definitely can sell more Elite if this feature is available!

Has there been any update to this issue? We purchased an Elite specifically for this scenario, only to find the KB article after it was delivered. Which is particularly dissapointing, becuase I described my design in a sales call and was told by an engineer that it would work.

I suppose it’s too late to get a full or partial refund from ur SI becos s/he obviously didn’t know what s/he was talking abt - fales advertisement but then s/he could blame you why didn’t U test drive the Elite for 30-day b/f making the purchase.