Offer to management

How about this:
Gimme a moderator password and I’ll keep the SPAM out if this section.

I just got blasted with a reply to one of my messages.

Dangerous stuff.

I didn’t get any response until I started cursing out the mods in my “reason for reporting this post”. And as suddenly as someone appeared, they seem to have vanished again.

Forums aren’t a revenue generator so companies tend to look down on giving resources to them.
What they ignore is there are talented, caring people who would do a great job baby-sitting this place and helping people for free.
That only reflects well on Drobo.

When I’m looking at purchasing something I check tech support and that factors into whether I buy or not.
I didn’t do it this time but still like the Drobo. God help me if I need some assistance later :slight_smile:

Get 3 - 4 moderators who give a damn, throw them a free Drobo of their choice so they understand how it works, and reap the benefits.

So simple it hurts.

I’ve offered to help with this in the past as well, and I’ll offer that help again here…

I also offer my spam-killing services here!
The community would like to help the rest of the community… Please?