Right guys, here’s an interesting one!

I have a DroboPro that was originally formatted as NTFS and being used with a PC server. I’ve moved it across to an Xserve running the latest software and installed Paragon NTFS so I can read/write to the volume. All good so far.

I have noticed that when I try to add a new volume, it wants to add it as HFS+. No problems here as I’d like to use the native file system anyhow.

Here’s the question. If I create an HFS+ volume alongside the NTFS partition, could I theoretically copy the files and folders across and then eventually delete the NTFS partition?

Thanks all!


cant see any reason why that would not work

when i wanted to “resize” a partition on my drobopro i created a new 16tb volume - copied everything across from the old 8tb volume and then deleted the old volume

Cheers, I’m gonna make sure that I’ve got a backup first and then give it a go.

BTW, this worked an absolute treat!

great, thanks for letting us know!

paraprod, Good to hear it worked for you, on your DroboPro.
Out of interest, how much data did you move from NTFS volume to HFS+ volume and about how long did it take?



Total data was around 8TB on an 11TB volume. I had to do it in 1.5 chunks and it took me around a week to complete.


Thanks for the info.