NTFS 8.3 names just curious...

I ran across this while testing something else…

As an interesting side-note, the DIR/X output showed that DroboShare uses very interesting 8.3 names.
Normally Windows will use the first 6 characters (special chars excluded), append ~n plus a dot and the first 3 chars after the final dot so My Documents gets an 8.3 name of MYDOCU~1 while That’s a funky monkey.goober.txt gets a 8.3 name of THAT’S~1.TXT (if there are conflicts, ~1 becomes ~2 and so on)
If the file starts with a dot (Windows Explorer won’t let you do this, but Command Prompt will), it’ll get named without the dot.

On DroboShare, the 8.3 name is funky.
New Text Document.txt turned into N52HZ2~T.TXT

Doing the same on a local drive and a share from a Windows 2003 Server machine resulted in the expected NEWTEX~1.TXT 8.3 name.

The 8.3 name generation algorithm seems to be completely based on the long name, as files with the same name created in different folders have the same 8.3 names.

Maybe it’s a Linux+Samba thing? Is it happening in DroboShare, or Drobo itself?

I’m just slightly concerned that this may cause a naming conflict I direct-connect my Drobo to a Windows machine.

Not that I’m likely to have a file named N52HZ2~T.TXT, but if the short filename through Drobo/DroboShare is different from the short filename in Windows isn’t there potential for conflict?