Not getting a response from Drobo

I am having a serious problem with Drobo corrupting some settings on my iMac computer. It took working with Apple engineers to find the issue and get it fixed. It leaves me not being able to use my Drobo with this computer.

I have created a support ticket with Drobo and am not getting a response from Drobo. I was even willing to pay for their extended support but they say that I can’t even pay for help for my Drobo, a 5D unit.

Can anyone tell me what is going on. Does Drobo still exist. This is a device that Purchased to use on a long term basis for backup and archiving. It is rather disturbing to be in this situation.

–Kenoli Oleari

I think we need a lot more info to really try to help but my advice is get an older computer from a friend and make a backup somewhere else for now. Later on try to find a different solution if Drobo goes down (as a company)

Akron — Is it possible you could communicate with the Apple engineers about this? They won’t communicate directly with me but they do communicate with software and hardware developers. A huge amount of information was sent to them about this. I spent over 60 hours on the phone with them, which included collecting data for the engineers, and it seems to be a problem that is specifically related to Drobo. It was elevated eventually to the highest engineering level in Apple and they haven’t solved it.

I will try to get the contents of the Drobo from another device, but in the long run it makes this device that I paid a lot of money for, including the costs of the drives pretty useless. Of course, were talking about many terabytes of information. When I bought it, I spoke with Drobo, concerned about the need to have Drobo software to use it with a concern about system upgrades and was assured that Drobo would always provide updated software to follow system upgrades. With long term storage devices this is a fundamental issue.


Sorry man, I don’t work for Apple or Drobo. In all likelihood, the issue is with Drobo for not keeping up with development. Other companies do not have this problem. Now the question is… why were your files being corrupted? Was it files only on the drobo or the MacHD as well? As I said, your best option I think would be to get a friend with a Mac that is willing to let you hook up the drobo to it. I would see if this friend has an antivirus first juuuuuust in case.

Who are you if you are responding to support requests from Drobo? Does Drobo still exist?


This is a forum of Drobo users offering help from their own experiences - hence the moniker ‘drobocommunity’.

The formal channel to link with Drobo directly is via their help desk.
Good Luck.

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Thanks for coming to my aid Mr TwinTiger Sir! Yes Kenoli… Drobo is still around but not sure to what extent. I think company filed for bankruptcy but as we all know, that is sometimes a strategy to help clear debt and reorganize the company.

Maybe try explaining your problem in a little more detail so maybe someone here can help from their past experiences. Seems you are not an experienced user so please make sure to mark your drives so you know in which order they go if you move them to another Drobo that supports the migration from your current one.

Sometimes disconnecting all USB devices except for Drobo has worked (connect drobo via USB, not thunderbolt…) Let us know which Drobo you have, how it is connected… what kind of lights you see, etc. Maybe one of us had a similar problem and knows the fix

I wish I worked at Apple! :slight_smile: