Not finishing start up sequence..

I have a first generation Drobo Pro with 8 2TB drives in it.

As of last night my Drobo isn’t starting up correctly.
it shows the two green lights lit at the bottom right and then nothing else happens
The drobo pro was running fine before this happened
It also won’t shut off on it own.
So, to shut down I need to unplug the power chord

Right now as of 2:24 New York I have it powered up and will let it sit for a while to see what happens.

I have 8 2TB drives in my Drobo Pro.
Everything as working fine as of a day ago.

Any help appreciated.

with the power off…

remove ALL your disks

then turn it back on with no disks…

does it complete the boot up sequence / then is it detected by drobo dashboard?

trying to figure out if its an issue with your drobopro, or an issue with your disk pack.

What happened is th firm ware didn’t load correctly
I know cause I have a second drobo pro and i had never use fit, but when i placed the 8 drives in it i got further thru the start up sequence.

so i thought, mmm, maybe that unit needs the firmware update as well.
so i loaded the firware successfully
it shut down and restarted via the dashboard smoothly
i loaded each drive in it and then it started up and went as far as the backup procedure which it is doing now, green and amber/orange blinking lights…which means it’d backing itself up!!!

how long can the backup take? hours?

in th emanative the drive mounts and is recognized, which at a minimum means i can rebuild the directory using disc warrior if i need to

in short, I’m in a good place with it now.[hr]
how long can the drobo’s own built-in backup process take? hours? (the flashing green and amber/orange lights phase)

what you call backup, is “rebuilding”

so it would seem that at least one of the disks was missing from the pack when it started up?

or did you insert the disks one at a time?

generally rebuilding takes 1 day of TB of data, so it depends how much data you have on it

i’d wait for it to finish and be solid green before trying anything

Yes, one drive wasn’t in all the way, i doubled check and it then was, lit green and then the unit went into the backup mode. which it is still in now
i have a lot of files on the drobo, all the blue “capacity” lights except for two are lit up.[hr]
so if i had say 10 TB on it, ten days?


Its hours ater and its still rebuilding, flashing green and amber/orang lights.
The drone isn’t showing on the desktop at the moment or in dashboard, but I am not worried about that.

by the way, the unit is quiet, I don’there any activity

Should I keep it on?[hr]
Actually at closer inspection I hear some hard drive activity

hi jack,
if its rebuilding with flashing yellow and green leds, and if you have about 10tb of data then yes, it could take about 10 days.

yes leave it on

sometimes rebuilding drobos dont show up…

i wouldn’t worry until its solid green and not detected