NOT auto-mounting the drive on the desktop

Hi All,

With the latest version of the Drobo tools installed on my Mac (MacOS X 10.6.3), the droboshare drive is automatically mounted on my desktop.
I suspect it is managed in the background through a daemon like DDServiced.
Is there a way to disable that? I sure do not need to have the drive auto-mounted on my Mac. I administer the drive, but I don’t really use it myself anyway.
Any idea?
I couldn’t figure it out reading the documentation or searching the forums here :-\


I also found this very annoying and unncecessary. You can disable it by disabling the daemons that Drobo Dashboard starts automatically. Why there are two of them is beyond me, but overall the quality of Drobo software is rather low, so perhaps it’s just that.

sudo launchctl -w unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.datarobotics.ddserviced.plist
sudo launchctl -w unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.datarobotics.ddservice64d.plist

I thought about that, but I was afraid I’d also lose the alerts in the process. Are the alerts dealt with independently?


I played with it some more (and actually, it’s “launchctl unload -w” and not “launchctl -w unload”).
It works well, but as I feared, it renders the DroboDashboard completely useless. I might as well uninstall it :-\


Well, the Drobo Dashboard is useless. It takes up system resources, is unreliable, crashes often, hangs, and does not perform any useful function after you set up your Drobo initially.