Not able to manage B800fs

I can map a drive to my B800fs, but the Drobo Dashboard can’t connect to it even if I specify the IP address. Ping works as well.

Any ideas?

It is likely the FireWall settings, or any Anti-Virus App that may have block access to it by default.

If you are on a Mac, this would be relevant.

This is for Windows 8.

One thing I have noticed with MAc’s is when you upgrade the software, it wont see the Drobo as it switches off one of the applications in the security settings.
You need to go to System Preferences, Security and Privacy, then the firewall tab. Unlock it (password) by clicking the lock then click the Firewall options button. There are two Drobo apps, DDService64 and Drobo Dashboard. The DDService64 gets switched off. Set it to Allow incoming connections.

Hi cwhitmore,

Your issue should be similar to this thread… (solution in the thread)

I’m not seeing any of those as blocked. I added Dashboard from Applications, but I don’t see the other one. Didn’t change anything.

B800fs was working fine, but now it’s not talking to me at all. All green lights. Responds to ping on it’s IP address. Doesn’t show up on the network or in Dashboard, even when directly connected. My DroboFS went the same way.

hi, do you know if the mac firewall settings have possibly been changed (maybe by a recent mac update) which are blocking the drobo?

it might not be that in your case, but some other uses recently got things working again when they went back into the mac permissions settings and set the permissions again. (apparently a recent mac update reset the permissions)[hr]
btw i also saw your other post too, that might be fair enough but was just wondering about the permission settings if you get a spare moment?[hr]
also maybe this post can help you in some way?