Non-Stop reboot

I’ve called Drobo and since I’m out of Warranty, they pointed me here. I tried this https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/AA-01649 But it was no help. My drobo will connect to dashboard with no drives in it, but as soon as I add the drives back in, it goes into the reboot circle. Which it has been doing since the 20th. I had a drive fail 1/19. I ordered a new one and waited until dashboard sent me an email that said I could remove the failed drive & add a new one. I’m at my witts end with this darn thing. When it’s doing the reboot, it won’t mount or connect to dashboard. If I remove all the drives, it will mount and show in the dashboard just fine. Is there anything I can do, or is it just better to go ahead and buy the drobocare and send it in for them to look at?

hi h2photo,
if i understood correctly, your 5n seems to only be rebooting when your diskpack in inside…

with this in mind, it could be that one or more drives in your diskpack also unfortunately happened to encounter some errors (possibly during a rebuild…)

can i check if you actually did remove the failed drive, and then actually put in a fresh one?
or was the failed one removed, but then it started rebooting after removing it
or was the failed one still inside it, and then before you could do anything it started rebooting?

(btw did you also get a dashboard popup and the email notification you were waiting for?)

you may already know this, though just to mention that if all of your disk pack drives are currently outside of the drobo, please remember that your diskpack drives should only be removed, or inserted in their entirety, and only when power is all Off and cables unplugged.

you might be able to try putting your drobo into a read only mode, before powering off as above and putting your diskpack drives in, for example as mentioned here below, as it might be able to help stabalise your drobo to at least be able to try accessing some data again to copy somewhere, though if you are not too comfortable with that, it may be best to raise the ticket/drobocare with the support team. (if you do wish to do that, or reply back here with more info, please do let them know about this page, so that they can be aware of all info)


Seems like a common problem (by “common” i mean there is more than one person on here with the issue!). My symptoms are in the thread here: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=147386&pid=204674#pid204674 - are these similar to yours?

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Yes, this is pretty much the same as mine. It’s been on a reboot for 10+days and I’ve tried everything! I finally broke down and ordered drobocare. But it hasn’t been added to my account yet. It is the slowest process ever. If I load in the old failed drive, my drobo will mount and I can see it on my dashboard. But once I remove that old failed drive, it just goes into a constant reboot. It reboots just fine without any drives. I’m so annoyed, I want to throw it into the street… but I wont.

I broke down and ordered DroboCare. They told me I need to do a Block Level Clone on one of my drives. How hard is this for someone with Zero IT skills to do themselves? Drobo told me the software I would need, but what do I put the drives in to clone them? I found one pro to do it for me, but he told me it can get very expensive very fast, especially for a 3TB drive.

hi h2photo,
sorry if readonly mode was not able to help you with your situation.

for drive cloning, usually each drive will need to be hooked up to the computer separately, such as via a usb hard drive caddy / enclosure, or directly to the motherboard with sata cables if you are comfortable opening up your computer. (very easy to hook up on a desktop compared to a laptop though)

there is also a thread here which mentions lots of considerations that might help when we tried to help yerry on one of his threads here: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=144867

(very important… please also double check that a blank destination drive will not clone onto a source drive…that can often happen by mistake)

Keep me in your happy thoughts today! I just started my clone! Please work

(fingers crossed for you)

Clone went really well! Super easy! No big issues! Got it out of RO mode, it’s currently rebuilding! But it mounted and I can see everything!! Once it’s rebuilt, everything from 2014-current will be backed up tonight! Everything before is already backed up!


hey nice one h2photo that is cool news indeed :slight_smile:

(though if you had said “its aliiiive” and your drobo suddenly sat bolt upright, with 2 metal bolts in its neck, then i would be very worried) :smiley:

Sorry about writing this on an old thread, but i’m experiencing the same issue as h2photo:
HDD Fails
Drobo reboots whilst rebuilding data onto replacement HDD
Remove replacement HDD
Continues to reboot whilst in data protection mode with remaining 4 HDD

I’m wondering how to put my drobo 5d into ‘read only’ mode so that i can at least stabalise the rebooting and start to copy data across to another drive. The link that explains how todo this seems to no longer exist. I’m also interested in how h2photo worked out which drive needed to be cloned? I presume this means clone to a new equivalent HDD? Using 2 USB HDD dock/cradles and a bit of HDD clone software?

Thanks in advanced!