Non-destructive repartitioning in OS X

Is this something that is being actively worked on?

I originally formatted my Drobo v2 with an 8TB partition but would now rather have one 16TB partition instead of two 8TB partitions when the need arises…

I remember reading somewhere that this is not supported with the DROBO. You’re stuck with the 8TB partition unless you reformat it completely (thereby losing your data)

You can migrate the Data off of the Drobo and reformat. Or just have 2 volumes.

I realise that this is currently the only way to extend the available storage space but, as far as I’m aware (and do correct me if I’m wrong,) PC users are able to non-destructively expand and contract their partition sizes, aren’t they?


Drobo and DroboPro volumes do not support these utilities. Drobo and DroboPro volumes should not be repartitioned once data has been entrusted to them. If you repartition a Drobo/DroboPro drive you will lose the data on the drive.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you can create a new partition/volume (I guess the technically correct term is volume), then copy everything from one volume to another (if you have enough space for two copies), then delete the old volume. That at least works on the DroboPro, but I’m not sure about the Drobo, never having tried it.

If you have another high-speed device, it would probably be faster to copy it off, then reformat the drive, and copy it back.

But look at it this way – in the process, you create a backup Drobo, which you can use for offsite storage.

That sounds like the “Smart Volumes” feature of DroboPro. It won’t work on a plain ol’ Drobo.

Wise words.