Noisy power supply


I have just got a Drobo FS this afternoon and the unit itself seems to be working really nicely, however… the power supply brick is making a high pitched squealing noise which is starting to drive me nuts.

What are my options here in Australia?
Do I just need to wait until I’m old enough that my hearing has faded so that I can no longer hear it :wink:



See if you can get the power supply replaced from your reseller or open a case and we can send you a new power supply. (I mention reseller because it might be faster than us but we have no problem sending a power supply to Australia.)

I’ll give them a call today and see what they say.
If they can’t help me will I need to send back the noisy one before I can get a new one?

Thanks Jennifer.

We would just send you a new one.

I am experiencing the same problem - the power supply that came with my Drobo FS (purchased in Melbourne, Australia) makes a high pitched squealing sound. I took it back to the supplier who replaced it straight away. I plugged-in the new supply and unfortunately it produces exactly the same high pitched noise.

Did you try a different outlet?

Yes, I tried a couple of different wall outlets and get the same problem. On first plugging in & turning on, there is is no sound, but within a few minutes the high pitched sound starts and then continues constantly until the unit is powered down.

I have contacted the reseller and they want me to send back the power supply before they will send out a new one. They gave no indication as to how long it would take to send out the new one. I’d rather go with you guys sending me out a new one as I can continue to use the unit while I wait for a new power supply to arrive. The comments from rsnazell make me think it may be an issue with the 240V 50Hz AC power here in Australia.
How do I go about getting a new one sent out to me?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Please open a support case.

Done. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hello Everybody,

I’ve got the same problem with the power supply. I’m living in Belgium Europe…
I also contacted the reseller and they contacted DROBO. Drobo send me also a new power supply, but exactly the same one. When I plugged this one in it made more noise then the first one…

So I think there is a power supply issue here. I could let it make less noise when I bought myself a transformer to 110V and used a travel plug to make it american standards… Then is squealed less.

Does DROBO have a solution for this problem ?


I was wondering about getting a 110V step down transformer to see if that improved things. From what you’re saying it helps a little, but doesn’t make it totally quiet . I’ve also been looking around various electronics shops for a 12V 8.33A power supply without much success. The 12V part is easy, but finding one that can provide 100 W (12*8.33=100) of power is proving a little tricky.

Got the same problem here… I have also been looking for another power supply but also couldn’t find it. I bought for really not much money on a webshop here in belgium this transformer and still had en plug conversion here from my last trip we made to mexico to transform it to american standards. It really made whisteling less but not totally quiet.
I found it nice of drobo to send met quickly a new power supply, but didn’t like it when I heard it whistled harder then the one I had. BTW, the first drobo fs I got, was exchanged the day after for this whisteling problem. The shop I bought it from was so kind to do this. So this power supply I got from Drobo is really already my third one :-).

So I think that they really have a problem here with this type of power supplies.

What I find disturbing is that they didn’t check the power supply they send to me on one of there drobo FS machines over there in Germany. Then they would have heard it.

It isn’t my machine that’s creating the whisteling because this is my second DROBO FS machine.

Is the power supply you have also MADE IN CHINA version ?



Yes, my power supply is “Made in China”. I suspect they are just generic 12V 100W power supply units. It is probably just a bad (cheap) capacitor in the PSU.

I have the same issue with two DroboFs units. I’ve logged a support ticket to see what happens.

Just wanted to clarify, apparently if you are not in the US, we do require the PSU’s to come back to us first. Unfortunately I do not work in the RMA department and was not aware that it was different for Australia. Sorry for any misunderstandings.


I have this issue aswell, got a replacement and it had the exact same issue, praying the third won’t have it…

I to am in Australia and have this issue. I have a 12v 12.5A power supply for a different product and it make no noise at all. I assume the one’s supplied with the Drobo’s are just made from cheap parts.

Also I tried a converter that outputs 120v instead of 240, still the noise is there at the same volume, so it didnt help at all in my case. And I have 2…

@mobious: Did the convert output 120V/60Hz, or 120V/50Hz? Just wondering if it’s some kind of frequency resonance issue.