Noisy fan replacement for Gen 2

Hi All,
After many years of great use and which I still love my Drobo, I started getting some noisy feedback from the fan and thought it was time to replace. I Googled and found some info and videos on how to replace the fan to get things quiet again. I ended up purchasing the following fan replacement:/99

I had to cut the wires and use the original plug on the ADDA fan, as the one that came with the new fan was not the same size. I replaced the fan and got everything reconnected but what seems to happen, is the unit powers up and the fan runs, and at the point when all the drives are mounted, the fan stops and I start to hear a high pitched whiney electrical noise which I believe is coming from the fan. I am going to put the old fan back to double check but it seems like this noise is fan related.

Did I simply purchase an incompatible fan and hence the issue? If so, can anyone kindly recommend one I should use?

Thanks in advance all and Drobo on…!



I don’t know why the new fan would stop spinning, unless something jammed it. Not sure about the Gen2, but I replaced the fan in my 5N a few years ago with great results. below is the fan I used…


Thanks for the feedback.

There is nothing jamming the fan as it spins again just fine if I pull the power out and plug back in. Spins for about a minute and once the drives are up and running, the fan stops and I hear the whining electrical high pitch sound from there on…

If your fan spins OK without the current spiking when connected directly to an external 12v supply, you have another problem.

Ugh - nothing liking fixing one problem and ending up with another!

I’ll see if the noise still happens with the original fan and if so, I’ll have to backup and go with another storage solution as my unit is no longer in warranty and I can’t believe Drobo will be able to offer any help on this…

Well a Gen 2 can’t be newer than Nov 2012 since that was end of sale End of Sale (drobo.com)

Something with better performance than USB 2.0 & firewire 400 is probably in order anyway. By all means test the fan out of the unit or try a substitute, but I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time or effort on a unit that old, it’s reaching the age when other things can fail with no warning anyway.

Yes, I am thinking this may be a sign to call it a day on my beloved Drobo. Has served me well over the years but probably time to invest in some newer technology and with warranty/support.