No Relay out?

Hello all, I just got my drobo late last week and I immediately put in a 1tb and 1.5 tb drive in it. Everything went well and is working great. I had ordered another 1.5 tb drive and it came in today and so I just added it to the drobo.

The space increased as I expected (~900 gigs to about 2.3tb), but I never saw any lights blinking and dashboard doesn’t show any relay out processes going. I had about 250GB of data on the drobo before adding the new drive. How long should that have taken to relay out?

Finally, Dashboard shows the correct storage available for data, but instead it still shows space reserved for expansion (930 GB). The drobo calculator with this drive setup shows no space reserved for expansion. (Although, if I restart dashboard it is initially correct, but after a minute it changes). Any thoughts?

Thanks and sorry for so many questions!

Mine did the same. It seems re-layout either isn’t needed or is super fast when simply adding a drive. It is needed if a drive is removed, though.

Dont worry it’s simply not needed mate. Carry on using everything will lay out correctly as you store new data. If you had 2x 1tb drives then added a 1.5 then it would have relayed the data. But as you already had a 1.5 in there it’s done already. When you add a 2tb drive you will see it relay again.

@gav2k: couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks!

Ahh I get it - when adding a drive of the same size needed for protection, then the data doesn’t need to be “rebalanced” - makes sense.

That’s why you see reserved for expansion in dashboard and on the capacity calculator. :wink:

Thanks everyone! It makes perfect sense now!

Your welcome