NO rebuild while 74% free -> solid red

Hi All

I am removing drives from my DroboFS. I had 5 drives, now I’m down to 2:

1x 2TB and 1x 3TB

Also I’m moving data away from the Drobo to adjust for the drive “loss”. Currently have 74% free, which results in about 700 GB worth of data and about 1.9 TB of free space.

The slots with the drives are solid green, the top one is solid red indicating the Drobo wants another drive.

But why? It have plenty enough space to do a rebuild an protect my data with these 2 drives. Adding a small 250 GB drive does not help either, also removing it has not effect.

Can I trigger the rebuild process from the terminal? Any commands I should run?


I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m curious about something.
Did you mean that DashBoard shows you 700GB used out of a total of 1.9TB, or are you getting those numbers from another method?

Yup, numbers are all from Dashboard:
700GB used
1.9 free

~2.6 Total

Just FYI: I’m doing a workaround now (moving the data to a third device, and then from there to the destination). So I’m not in desperate need of an answer.

Drobo can lag a little in reclaiming space from deletions, especially if it’s a few hundred GB or more.

Because you’re moving data off, Drobo will probably thinks it’s more full than it really is until the garbage collection catches up.

Give it a few hours or overnight to catch up and it should stop asking for a drive upgrade.

As far as I know, if Drobo DashBoard reports only 700GB used, that’s what the Drobo sees also.

What strikes me as unusual is that Drobo reports more capacity than it can provision. Of course, the question is about why it’s not rebuilding, so this all seems to come back to “How can I whack Drobo so that it rebuilds?”

Maybe this is a question for Tech Support.

Hmm… rdo is right (hey, it’s rdo without 1!) seems crazy.

Since pulling the diagnostic log will interrupt rebuild, perhaps it might be enough to get it restarted?

It’s been in this state for about 4 days now. Also restarting does not work.

Then definitely time to phone Drobo Support a call. Let us know how it goes!