No power in my d5 at all... HELP?

Was away for a couple weeks and my year old drobo D5 has no power in it at all… No lights nothing… The green light on the power block that runs to the drobo is flashing. i also dried the power cable from the other D5 I have and nothing… Am I pretty screwed? It there a magic way to get it to work or do I need to get a claim in? 20 days till the warranty runs out! Thanks!!!

hi, while it could be a problem with the power supply, it could be a problem with the unit in this case, especially if both parts of the power cables from your other (working?) 5D are also not working on the one with the problem.

if that is the case i think its good to raise a ticket for the team sooner than later but also here is a page with more info about the powersupply in case it helps: