No lights, Fan to full speed on power connection

For a while my 18 month old 5D3 has been shutting down during startup, requiring the power button to be pushed & held for several seconds until it starts booting correctly. About a week ago, I followed this process and the Drobo started up. After about 5 minutes it suddenly shut down and then the fan spun up to full speed & none of the lights lit up.

Since then, every time power is connected, the unit immediately goes to this state, even if the power switch is not pressed.

My suspicion is that something has failed and this is some sort of failsafe state. Has anyone else experienced this?

Weird stuff sometimes happens if you have 1 drive that is misbehaving, I had myself a situation similar where plugging in one drive caused 2 others to drop out, turned out to be that drive, which otherwise functioned perfectly, when not part of a Drobo disk pack. :roll_eyes:

Damn if I know how you’d identify which one it was if it’s something like that though?

If you’re within warrantee maybe raise a support ticket? Drobo themselves might be able to tell something from a diagnostic.

Thanks for your response. I tried this with drives connected, all drives removed, connected to computer, disconnected from computer… Same result every time.

I’ve raised a support ticket and answered every question asked. I’ve sent the diagnostics, but it’s now been over 3 weeks without a response.

This doesn’t seem to be a common issue, but I was just wanting to check. If others are having similar problems then maybe I need to steer clear of this brand in future.

Same thing happened to my 5N2. Fan goes full power and no lights. There are quite a few people on here with the same issue. Drobo hasn’t been any help yet for me.

Hi, my 5D3 just started exhibiting this unfortunate behaviour. Did anyone ever figure out a way to resolve the issue?

It was a warranty replacement.

Well done. You have better timing than I do. :wink: