No Email Notifications - drobocopy

I set up the email notification on my DroBO-FS - (drobocopy)
The test email worked fine.
After the drobocopy completed sucessfully, even though i have all the settings for email alert on, I did not get any emails.

Tried it on several computers with different operating systems (W7,WinXP)
with the same results - no emails only the test email?

I have the latest firmware and dashboard available for the Drobo-FS.

Seems pretty simple to setup…

Is there a bug in the Dashboard software?
Does anyone know of a way to make it work?

Which level of reporting do you have it set to?

Detailed - email attached

Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes we have seen test email comes through with no issues but a spam filter will tag the actual alert as spam.

No, Spam mail… just test mail in my regular email inbox

Are you using a work email or something like gmail/hotmail/yahoo?

Did you set “authentication” and enter a username/password and checked marked the box “use ssl?”

If the test email worked, then the settings should be OK.

Do you log out between sessions? I haven’t checked recently, but at least in previous versions Drobo Dashboard had to be running for email notifications to be sent, which means a user needs to be logged on.

Well, drobocopy won’t run if dashboard is not running.

You’re right. :slight_smile:

I am using my regular home email account provide by my provider.[hr]

I kept myself logged in[hr]

Dashboard is running - as you say - it is required in order to do a copy.
I even removed a drive to see if i would get an emai — nope nothing
only the test email works

Just to make sure, your email alert settings are set to “On all significant events” (forgot the exact wording), right?
Because it’s separate from the general dashboard desktop alerts.

email alert set to “on all useful information”
If hit the test i get an email within a minute.

But if i remove a drive or complete a drobocopy etc i get no emails[hr]
For drobocopy i have it set as:
level 3

Weird. It definitely should be emailing you. The mechanics obviously work, as the test email works. For whatever reason the mails aren’t firing off.

Are you showing any warnings or errors in the System or Application Event Logs?

When click on test – i get a reply from the email server it was contacted, then within a minute I get:

“This is a test to verify that the Drobo Alert System can send e-mail.” (inside the email)[hr]

Just checked apps and system log - — nothing there with any reference to email or Drobo problems.

Yes, i agree - it is very strange.
If the test email works - then the system should send email - when i remove a drive - that’s pretty important… but no email…

And of course still no email when a DroBocopy is finished - and email settings are all on.

I have tried the Drobocopy on several computers with w7 and winxp - with the same results of no email notification - only test email

Have you tried a different email account?

Like have gmail send to your home email?

Yes, 2 diff email accounts from 3 different pc’s with 2 different operating systems … same result…

Do you have a gmail account you can try?

I personally use my gmail account to send the email to my work account.
No issues whatsoever.

If you do use gmail, the port # to use is 587

Interesting, i tried with other email accounts provided by my provider and only the test mail worked.

I just did a bunch of drobocopy tests with my gmail and it worked fine…

Thanks for the input…

must try with a yahoo account to see if that works…
At least it works with one account…[hr]
However,The drobo alert is still not working… I removed a drive for abt 5 minutes then put it back in… nothing in the mail

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling dashboard?