No Dual Disk Redundancy Option

My Drobo 5N is at 48% capacity with Dual Disk Redundancy turned off. I’m considering enabling Dual Disk Redundancy, but the option is greyed-out. Is it based on capacity levels? The Capacity Calculator suggests I have enough free space to enable Dual Disk Redundancy, but not by much.


well you haven’t told us anything about what drives you have etc etc

if you only have 2 disks… you cant turn on dual disk redundancy, etc…

you say “not by much”… it needs a certain % to be free AFTER enabling it…

In closing, I replaced a 750GB drive with a 3TB drive and the Dual Disk Redundancy feature was again selectable…which I did. Guess it knows what it’s doing. :slight_smile:

goodo :slight_smile: