"No Drobos Detected" in Dashboard, Again!

I thought this problem of my Drobo S very frequently “disappearing” from the Dashboard (despite being mounted and accessing in Finder) would be remedied when I replaced my older iMac with a brand new, late 2015 model.

However, the problem continues. It didn’t matter if I was using Firewire or USB (the latter of which is the only way to connect to my new iMac).

Anyone have any idea? It’s now becoming obvious that this a Drobo issue, and not an Apple issue. I love the idea of a Drobo, but it’s been a series of headaches from the start. I hope others have had a better experience.

hi drewbee, can i check which version of dashboard you are using currently, and which version of max os you have?[hr]
also, if you get a chance, maybe points d) and e) could help from a thread i recently posted on which is here? :


Did you did you find a solution for this ? Have same issue for some time !