No Drobo Apps listed


I’m trying to setup the Copy app on my 5N but I’m not seeing any apps listed in the Drobo Dashboard.

I’ve updated to the latest firmware (3.1.1) and restarted. The “Enable Drobo Apps” checkbox is ticked and I can see the DroboApps share but the list of apps is empty.

Am I right in thinking I should see the Copy app in there ready to be installed/configured or do I need to download something from somewhere?



Did you reboot after copying the package file onto the apps share?

What package file? I couldn’t find a link to one on the Drobo page.

Copy is an official DroboApp, and should be installable directly from the Dashboard. Why it’s not showing up is a mystery to me.

More issues with firmware 3.1.1 perhaps?

Shows up here, but then again, I’ve had no issues with 3.1.1 (knock on wood).