No Dashboard until rebuild done?

Today, after backing up my Drobo v2 I took the plunge and removed one of the 3 x 1Tb drives and added a 2Tb in the bottom (previously unused slot). So I went from 3 x 1Tb in the top 3 to 2 x 1Tb in the Top and 1 x 2Tb in the bottom since the Backup is on the 2nd Tb that I will add once it has completed what I consider the most risky operation (removal and rebuild on another drive). The reason I did it this way was to a) Prove the previously never used slot and b) Prove that the drive contact wasn’t hindered by any possible dust build up :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, running Lion and 2.0.3 Dashboard, latest FW rev on the Drobo and the lights are nicely flashing Amber at the moment showing it’s rebuilding on the new configuration, however, if I open the Dashboard it just sits there with ‘Looking for connected devices’. It didn’t pop up with any warnings or anything when I popped the drive.

Prior to the drive being pulled it was giving the correct inventory of drives. I’m guessing this is yet another problem with Lion.

I plan to let it complete, if it doesn’t show the status then I’ll suspend it, power cycle, rinse and repeat as necessary until I can see the status again then I’ll see what happens when I add the drive - this time with the Dashboard open maybe :slight_smile:

In my experience with Drobo v2, ALL communications to/from Drobo become extremely slow when a rebuild is in progress. This include data transfer as well as dashboard information. It took almost a half hour before I got an update in Drobo Dashboard.

Cheers, I’ll leave the Dashboard open all night then and see if it gives some status by morning. I had about 1.05Tb split over the 3 x 1Tb drives when I popped 1 and added 1 x 2Tb. I don’t know how long it takes to redistribute that amount of data but we’ll see.

(btw: the main reason for getting the changes in was that the 3 x 1Tb drivers were approaching what I deem to be maximum duty life - 3 years)



Well, it’s morning and still Dashboard is saying ‘Looking for connected devices…’ the Drobo is of course still rebuilding.

Mmm, well it took a reboot of the Mac once it had finished redistributing the data to get the Dashboard back up.

Just slotted in the 2nd 2Tb drive and it all seems a bit quiet. It seems to rattle away for a few seconds if I don’t do anything with it… I presume relayout/optimisation happens only if you aren’t accessing it? And I presume that all the lights stay on green because the data is well distributed? I had thought it was going to turn flashing amber again when it spotted the new drive.

Flashing amber indicates the array is in a degraded state (lacks redundancy). What you describe is normal. As you surmise, the Drobo will redistribute data to include the new disk at its leisure.