No Benefit in Upgrading

** Still running firmware 3.2.0 and dashboard 2.6.6 **

There is no benefit for me to go beyond this at the moment. I hope the developers get things in proper order real soon…for everyone’s sake.

Yep. Never, ever, ever upgrade your Drobo until the firmware has been fully vetted.

As far as I’m concerned, the only reason to ever upgrade is if they release a firmware that supports >16GB.

So which is the latest “good” version of Dashboard and which is the latest firmware that people trust?

I’ve upgraded the Dashboard to 2.6.8, but I’ve got two 5N’s staying on 3.2.0 firmware for now. Haven’t seen anything positive about 3.2.2…seems like there’s zero benefit.

My new 5N came with 3.1.1 and the only choice I had was either to stay with it or to upgrade to 3.2.2. Unless there’s an archive of previous versions somewhere.

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