No approved motherboards for USB 3.0

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been experiencing several serious stability problems with my 64 bit Windows 7 installation with regard to my Drobo.

I would get BIOS freezes on boot, Drobo not detected when connected to an Anker PCIe USB3 card, et cetera. It has felt like I am on a high wire act for the last year.

At this point, I am prepared to upgrade my motherboard if necessary as the overall system instability is completely unusable for reasons beyond just my Drobo 5D troubles.

I have looked at the approved motherboards (see link below), and I am seeing that NONE of the approved motherboards are in stock at newegg.

Am I using the wrong list? How can I buy a new motherboard with any confidence it will work with my Drobo?


I wouldnt use that list for a motherboard purchase, it’s just a small, VERY incomplete sample of some boards that they tested to make sure it works, plus it is outdated.

USB 3.0 is pretty firmly established now and Drobo should be supporting all the major USB chips that any normal motherboard would have so I would just buy the best, newest motherboard that you can afford from a famous, established brand. In fact, many of the motherboard makers are now coming out with boards that support USB 3.1 so I would definitely buy one of those boards since it will be the newest version of USB and of course be backwards compatible with USB 3.0.