No access to Third Party Applications

I received a Drobo 5N from a friend and I have a support ticket in to get the unit registered to me. No response yet. From the Dashboard when I go into the Drobo Apps no apps show up. Is that because the unit is not registered to me. Is there a way to get the apps loaded. I am logged in as Admin.

Hello there!

In the Dashboard, you need to enable DroboApps first:


Once that’s done, you still may not be able to load the apps from the Dashboard. Since Drobo is in Bankruptcy, who knows how long their servers will be up. You can also drop any DroboApp file in tgz format into the DroboApps directory and reboot your Drobo to get it installed.

Also, check out to find some other apps. If you need some help, I’ve also recompiled some apps in newer versions (to remove security vulnerabilities, mostly) since Drobo no longer maintains them.

Good luck!



Hi, would anyone possibly be able to direct me to a download for myDrobo or DroboAccess?