NFS or WebDAV?

Can you mount volumes via NFS or WebDAV with the 5N?

Do you mean publish NFS and WebDAV from the 5N (so other clients can use those protocols), or mount NFS and WebDAV shares from elsewhere on the 5N? The former is possible with DroboApp support, the latter I’m not sure of. If I recall correctly, the FS couldn’t even mount SMB due to missing kernel modules.

Both options require additional DroboApps, and probably also some additional kernel modules.

I meant the former (have clients mount 5N shares as NFS or WebDAV) … since DroboApps doesn’t exist, I assume the answer is no? :frowning:

Unless you can migrate a disk pack from an FS, that’s correct (for now).

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Is this still a NO? Are there any apps that do WebDAV?

Agreed, has there been any movement on this? FileSharing isn’t what we are after. I can do that with Secure File Web Sharing App for OSx.

We are trying to find a solution that lets us access and modify files off-site.

Does anyone have a suggestion that does not involve downloading the file, making changes and then uploading? The truth is, users just forget to upload the files again and then we have versioning issues.