NFS on Drobofs

Hi Doomedtx,

Tried your suggestion, but with no luck. The TViX only allows me the enter the “Share Name” and the “Server IP”.

for share name I have tried:
and a couple of other variants that I can’t remember.

How do I check in the console that the shares have been mounted properly ans everything else is working correctly with UNFSD?

Any other ideas or things I could try?

Maybe you already do but just to be sure :slight_smile: … Linux is case sensitive in every aspect :wink:

FYI, in case anyone else is experiencing my problem with Snow Leopard or any other OS, adding a “-s” to the unfsd command line in service.sh fixed my read/write issues. That is single user mode so now the Mac thinks the Mac user owns all the files and each MythTV box likewise thinks all the files are owned by the mythtv user. Everything seems to be working smoothly.[hr]

I seem to have a bad habit of previewing my response and never clicking submit. I swear I answered you yesterday but my post isn’t here :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t know much about TViX but what I saw on Google is that it’s case sensitive and also sometimes a trailing slash will help. So maybe try:

Share: /mnt/DroboFS/Shares//

If the TViX has some sort of command line shell you can always try ‘showmount -e <drobo’s IP>’ to be sure the exports are being seen by the TViX machine.

Good Luck

I have tried most of the above (trailing slashes etc), but still no luck.

Unfortunately there is no way of accessing the shell on the TViX to run the showmount command. When I try running the ‘showmount’ command in the Drobo shell, it doesn’t recognise the command?

Is there any way I can do this on my Vista laptop to see if the nfs share from the Drobo is actually visible on the network, then at least I will know whether the issue is with the Drobo of the TViX.

Alternatively is there any other way of showing in the Drobo shell that the nfs share is active and what the exact path is ("./service.sh status" only tells me that the unfsd service is running - not whether the share is correctly mounted etc).