NFS and sparsebundles

After reading a suggestion on this forum that I try NFS to avoid the problems with AFP and Drobo FS I went and took the leap. I’m able to access all the files now via NFS but there is one problem I’m having. I’m unable to mount my Time Machine sparsebundle, I’m getting the old “No mountable filesystems”. If I connect via SMB, then I have no trouble mounting the sparsebundle.

here’s my exports file:


Have you tried this:

Well I’m trying to use my existing sparsebundle. Its one I’ve been doing the TM backups to via AFP. I think the original sparsebundle was created by the Drobo. If possible I’m really interested in using the existing sparsebundle so as to not lose my old backups/not have a long initial backup.

I meant the XML file, not the creation of bundle.

Thanks. Just checked, it looks like the UUID is already matching. I don’t think its getting to that part. I’m not even able to mount this sparsebundle from the Finder when I access it via NFS (although it works from AFP or SMB). Its seems to be some weird specific to it being mounted via NFS problem for me.

Also I just downgraded back to 1.1.2 so I can try your new netatalk server, so it looks like the problem is with both firmwares…one less variable anyway.

Well, after reading through the man page for hdiutil, I found this bit of info:

OS X 10.6 removed support for attaching SPARSEBUNDLE images from network file servers that don’t support F_FULLFSYNC

Can anyone verify that they are able to do a Time Machine backup over NFS while running 10.6? Otherwise maybe this is the prob…