NewerTech eSATA 6G Raid on Mac Pro not working with Drobo S

Anyone have luck getting a NewerTech MAXPower eSATA raid card to work in a Mac Pro with Drobo S? Can’t get it to see the Drobo at all, while the Drobo itself works fine on Firewire 800.

I’ve tried Adaptec 1255 & 26xx eSATA RAID & SATA RAID w/ ext eSATA connector and IOGear one that DRI recommends in one of the KB and I still cannot hook up my DroboS w/ my Windows08R2 server w/ Hyper-V. I gave up on these 5-bayers, both FS & S, and stick to the Pro & Elite!

I’ve spent a lot of money on cards and the only one find that works is the Sonnet E2P (which is listed on the Drobo support page). Originally Sonnet didn’t make 64-bit drivers for this so it wasn’t a choice, but now there 64-bit drivers it works great.

Tks for the update! Btw, I finally managed to get the DroboS working w/ 16TB using an IOGear GICe702S3R5, one of their 2-port 3 Gbps eSATA cards. It feels faster than our 1 Gig iSCSI but the setup is not quite stable meaning sometimes the BIOS will recognize the Drobo3 DRDR w/ those drives and sometimes it doesn’t. Futher, I downgraded our firmware frm 2.02 to 201 an I’m still wondering where is 2.03. Indeed, we will avoid the DroboS & stick to the 8-bay or larger chasis when they become available.