newb youtube instruction videos for droboFS aps?

Since Drobo is apparantly giving almost no support to help the newb, non tech savy user instruction via video or webcast on how to set up each app on Drobo FS for various purposes, I propose the community consider making some youtube videos.

Thank you for this consideration.

I’m not quite sure what you mean.

I have written quite a few HOWTOs on the developer forum to setup a cross-compile environment, compile, and install a lot of software for the DroboFS (better version of wget, bittorrent client, etc).

But quite frankly, most of it is just boring copy/paste of text from the different places to a command-line.

I think having a terminal window where you’ll have compiler output scrolling most of the time interrupted every once in a while for a few commands would make for a good contender for the “most boring video on youtube” award.

Have a look at the developer forum, give it a try.