New Volume in Drobo Dashboard - 5D

Hi - The other day, I had to replace one of my 5 hard drives. Inserted the new 6tb drive, everything was fine. However, I’ve now noticed that I have 2 volumes in Drobo Dashboard. I only remember having one previously. I only need 1 (so far as I know).

Now it wants me to format the 2nd volume. Which tells me it will delete things. I don’t want to format it then - do I?

How do I remove this volume. Do I need it?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Support weren’t any help at all.

What volume size were you set to, and how much storage do you now have? If adding your new drive put your available storage over your selected volume size it may make another volume for you. If it has, then formatting the new volume won’t do anything to your existing data, the two volumes will share the pool of storage that you have.

hi pt44,
when first setting up your drobo, a popup usually appears, asking you to select a default max volume size that drobo and computer will use or see,

i selected 2TB max size per volume as that was what i needed, and the 2nd volume was formatted by dashboard. (i think i my case i needed to tweak windows later on to be able to see the new drive letter, but i did not lose anything on the 1st original volume at all)

once you have the 2 volumes, you might see the 2nd one having the full amount of free space, but please always use dashboard to see the true amount of free space on the overall drobo, which gets shared among all volumes as spiney mentions, even if the computer (thinks) it has more.

I had the same issue upon setting up a new drobo 5D. I updated the firmware and reset the drobo in the dashboard. Upon restart, It only saw one volume. So my issue was solved with an firmware update.