New User Frustration

OK, so it sounded too easy to get this up and running…and it turned out to be quite the opposite. I’ve set this up on a MAC running OS10.6.3, plugged into a LYNKSYS N-Gigabit Router, it says I have 325 or so Megabytes backed up. So where is all my data? I have 2-750 Gig Drives on my MAC, one nearly full, the other, 2/3 full, and a 1 TB drive with only the OS on it (Just replaced). I have Three 1.5 TB Drives in the Drobo FS. Apparently I have to tell the DROBO where they are, because they aren’t getting backed up. I’ve spent the entire day on this, it is getting tedious.Anyone able to give me heads up as to what I might do? Thanks!! PS I’m NOT using Time Machine.

What backup software are you using to back up your data?

I thought this was what Drobo Desktop was for…This may not be for me! I didn’t see it anywhere that I had to add more software!

The Drobo is essentially an external hard drive.

You can either drag and drop your data to the Drobo or use back up software to automatically back up your software. Dashboard does comes with Drobocopy but you still need to set it up.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

Got it working, fingers crossed. Thanks for the help!