New user and setup problems

I have a DroboPro 8 disks all happy only has 2 drives atm but both lights green I am quite good at pc setups but this has stopped me and I can’t understand what I am doing wrong So the DroboPro happy I got it on dashboard I have put a IP address in manually as I need to use it on my local network
This process seems to have worked
I used the USB first manually put in an IP address then it was mounted on the dashboard via Ethernet fine
The drobo appears as a drive on that pc I have the dashboard running on and i can put stuff on the drive Now the problem is I can’t see it on my local network ?
I don’t understand how I get the drobo to appear on other PCs on my network
It doesn’t appear and I can’t map a drive as the drobo is not seen on the other PCs ? I am clearly being dim. Should it appear as a network place ? I am running Windows 10 the dashboard is the lastest and firmware on the drobo is too. So to explain quickly how to I get the DroboPro to appear on my local network ? Please help before I pull my hair out
Thank you

A Drobopro can only be connected to a single computer at a time.

once the drives show up on that computer, then that computer can share the attached drives as you like across your network.

it is exactly the same as if you attached a USB disk to your computer… you can share it across the network by right clicking the folder you wish to share and selecting share

Drobopro is NOT network attached storage, it is Direct attached storage (the fact it connects over an Ethernet cable is irrelevant)