New unit all lights orange

I am running Windows server 2008 R2 and setup the drobopro via usb with 8 brand new 2.0TB drives and then proceeded to update the firmware which was successful then the dashboard which was successful. I then selected dual redundancy and used the dashboard to power down the unit. I then tried to connect the ethernet for iSCSI directly to the server and the drobo stuck with all lights orange and the drive indicating full (no data on drives yet) Now to reboot the drobo I must pull the power cord as the power switch doesn’t work. The unit turns on immediately when plugging power back in and doesn’t require a power switch flick, however all lights remain lit and the unit doesn’t seem to boot.

I just received this unit from Amazon yesterday and its already broken?

if there is no data on it yet then you can try a full reset… (this will wipe the drives too!)


that should bring the unit back to life

Have U tried the pinhole reset?

I tried the pin hole rese with the drives in as well as remved and it still shows all lights on orange. I followed the reset guidelines and powered on with a paperclip depressing the pin hole button and then depressed the power switch for over 60 seconds without any change.[hr]
Any other suggestions before sending this back?

DOA happens rarely, but it does happen.
Give Drobo support a call, just to make sure you don’t spend money on return shipping unnecessarily.