New to Drobo

I am new to Drobo,

I have a Drobo S.

My question is does Drobo Dshboard need to be running at all times my Drobo is on or in use?

Thank you

No, it only provides some admin & monitoring functions.


Part of those monitoring functions includes e-mailing you when a drive fails - so i would recommend leaving it on, as in most cases the overhead should be minimal

Dashboard just gives you admin stuff and email alerts.

You can also see warning conditions and % full from the indicator lights on the front of the Drobo - so you can easily make do without running the dashboard all the time.

assuming you are sitting in front of your drobo at the time…

i’ve found it very useful when im at work and my drobo is at home - that it can drop me an e-mail to tell me a drive has failed :slight_smile:

Hmm… i’ve always found it difficult to replace a failed hard disk at home when i’m sitting at my desk at work :wink:

but very easy to either order one online or buy one on the way home? :stuck_out_tongue: