New to Drobo FS, can't get droboadmin or apps running

Hi, I am new to Drobo and just set up an FS last week. I have been trying to get Droboadmin and Droboapps installed and up and running. I follow the steps on drobo.com and cannot get it to work in my web brower. I get a 404 not found in my browser. I am using a mac and safari.

Are there any threads that can walk me through this in more detail? I am not a computer wiz but get by. Thanks


TICK to enable drobo apps > Restart your box > Place the apache.tgz into \drobo\drobo apps folder > Restart > Repeat the same for Drobo Admin

Ken, Thank you! I have been ok up to these steps. What comes after? I try to access the web page provided in the instructions but get the 404 error not found in my browser.

It should be http://yourdroboipaddress:8080

I am still unable to bring up this web page using http://yourdroboipaddress:8080

I have followed instructions on the Drobo site http://www.drobo.com/droboapps/apps-for-drobofs.php and still cannot get it to work.


Thanks Ken. Took the do over approach, deleted all the files from drobo admin, printed the instructions, then followed them to the t. Got it working now. Thank you.

Joe P.