New to Drobo and am confused

Hello everyone,

I just bought a Drobo 5N and it went together without a hitch. It seems like it might be good for home, but I bought it for a work environment and, so far, I’m a little disappointed.

Is there a way to have the share auto-mount and stay mounted? It appears that if I log off of a server, the share goes away. Not very practical. I don’t want to leave it logged on all the time just so I can do a backup at 0-dark thirty.

What am I missing?


This is not a Drobo issue - its a general windows networking issue.

Shares are mapped as part of the user account

it is possible to get the system to map a share, but then it will only be mapped from the system’s point of view (you wont necessarily see it when you are logged in - since you arent “system”).

I cant remember how to do it either, lol

but hopefully with that (small amount of information) you can google how to map network shares outside of a user account.