New To Drobo 5N

HI I’ve purchased a brand new Drobo 5N and have yet to receive it (THink It should arrive tomorrow). I was wondering if it is capable of handling TIme Machine for multiple Macs? I’m also quite new to Apple and haven’t managed to get time machine working on my old NAS at all. It would be nice to be able to backup the three Macbooks at my place.

hi badger,
have a look here too as a few concepts/queries might also be applicable

Hi Paul,

I read that thread earlier today and it does have some good info. Perhaps Time Machine isn’t the best idea then. I did buy a subscription to crash plan recently so will give that a whirl when the 5N arrives.

ok sure
(btw theres a HUGE thread about crashplan in the drobo apps section) :slight_smile:

I am currently backing up several Macs to the Drobo and so far no problems. Each to a dedicated share created through the DD using the TM back up option and limiting the size to more than twice the size of the hard drive.

Apple recognized the shares and is using them no problem. The only thing I had to do was connect the share and enter the password for the share and then go into preferences, under Users, and add the Drobo TM Share to the log in preferences so it would mount every time the computer is restarted.