New to Drobo 5d

Hi everyone, I purchased a Drobo 5D a few months ago. I mainly use the Drobo for back up. Im a graphic Designer and photographer and I keep all my files stored on the Drobo, many years worth for many customers. I also own a second generation 4 Bay Drobo, as a backup for the more critical files on the 5D.

The 5d is connected to my Mac , which is on all the time. I noticed that although I have selected the Drobo drives to spin down, they seem to always be running. The fan is not noisy at all compared to the 4Bay, The Green lights are always on, and if i remove the front cover the drives are very VERY HOT. Is this normal for the 5d? Even when working the drives in the 4Bay never get that hot. Am I doing something wrong? I just want to make sure I don’t fry my data.

I’m using 4tb WD Black Enterprise drives.

It’s normal for WD Black drives.

I used Blacks when I had my Gen2 drobo and the top case would often be around 130F.

You get NO increase in performance from the blacks, so honestly, I would recommend switching to the reds.

Noise and temps will be far more tolerable.