New Setup, restart or continue

Just started my 5D, with two new NAS Cert 2TB drives, and tried to use two OLD 2TB drives.

Put SSD in, power up, upgrade flash, upgrade dashboard…

Started to move 3 TB of data on to the unit, and…
…One of the old 2TB disks failed, with only 45G moved…

No issue as this is all new, ordered 2 x (Seagate Barracuda ST5000DM000 5TB) be here tomorrow.


A) let the long replication of the 45G continue, and put the new disks in the two open slots (the dead one and the open one). This would leave 3x2TB and a 2x5TB with one of the 1x2TB unknown health (it is old)

B) Scrap the whole thing and start from new with 2x2TB (one new one old) and 2x5TB. Not sure how to destroy the array and start new, but thinking that there may be some magic in the back ground that balancing the new 5TB drives would be more effective if I started new.

Thank you

If it’s an option without risk to your data (original source still available), I would reset the Drobo with the new drives and then re-copy from your source.

There is an option in Dashboard to reset the Drobo.