New Problems

After many months of smooth sailing with my drobo FS, including an upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion in May, new problems have surfaced.

Over the last few days Time Machine has been doing unusually large back ups when that much new data has not been created, so I new this was the start of problems.

Today I got the message " The identify of the Backup Disk has changed since the last back up. The disk may have been replaced or erased or someone may be trying to trick your computer into backing up to the wrong disk."

I was then given the options to use this disk or don’t back up, but I was not told what this disk was?

Now when I try and re select the correct Time Machine disk it sees it but does not see the sparse bundle and wants to start all over again?

Can I fix this or do I need to start again?


i just got the same error, pressed something and then it restarted with out any problems.