New owner of Drobo Gen 3 :)

Hey guys… I’m a new owner of the Drobo Gen 3.
I’m migrating from a Drobo Gen 2 (I think, maybe Gen 1). It’s an old Drobo, and I figured I would get a new one before the old one decides to die one day.

The build quality seems to be better, and I like the power switch at the back.
It’s also a lot quieter than the old one.

However I was not able to migrate the drives right into the new one. With the power off, I slid all 4 drives into the new Drobo, and then powered it on. After boot up the center 8 blue LEDs were lit. Drobo dashboard didn’t detect it, and I had no idea if it was doing any thing. I thought this might be normal so I left it there for hours and hours. I didn’t time it exactly… but it was somewhere around 6 hours.

Fearing the worst. I panicked, powered of the new Drobo and reinserted the drives into the old Drobo. Whew!! I had my data back!

Now I’m manually copying data from one Drobo to the other. I think this will take days. LOL

Sounds like a Gen1.

As you discovered, you cannot migrate the disk pack from a Gen1 to current gen.